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Our Premium 30% CBD Oil

Our 30% CBD oil is the ideal choice option on the market. With three times the CBD concentration of most other brands, our oil is perfect for customers who are looking for a powerful and effective solution to their health concerns.
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15th June

No more migraines 😁

I have suffered with migraines for years and after taking Chris's advice have been taking Releaf CBD oil for a few weeks now. I am now no longer taking my prescribed medication as the oil has stopped them which is amazing. I also find my anxiety has calmed down so much and find I am much more relaxed about life in general. Such a wonderful product and the customer service provided is so personal with Chris happy to answer any questions & give his expert advice.

Julie Reid

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2nd March

Works well for trades man

I’ve suffered for years with a bad knee, due to my work as a plumber & an old sports injury. Doctors brush me off with meds that never work & advise physio. Since taking Releaf…wow I am no longer in pain, I sleep through the night no longer in discomfort, I can go about my day more easily. I recommend this oil 🙌🏼

Grant Dempsey

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24th February

CBD has changed my life

I love everything about the Releaf from it’s packaging to the oils abilities to heal. This product it’s self has been life changing and the company / customer service is just outstanding they really care about their customer and their needs, I will definitely be returning.

Hayley Fillbrook

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3rd February

Better than other CBD

10/10 great product that actually works, One of the only things I’ve taken that helps me sleep, with my insomnia.


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About our product

What can CBD help with?

More Clam Less Stress

CBD has been known to promote a sense of calmness and help reduce stress, allowing you to navigate through life with greater ease.

Better Sleep

Incorporating CBD into your routine may support improved sleep quality, helping you wake up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Pain & Recovery

CBD has shown potential in providing natural relief for pain and aiding in the recovery process, allowing you to move more freely and comfortably.

Smoothing Skincare

Infused with CBD, our skincare products can help nourish and hydrate your skin, promoting a healthy and radiant complexion.

Our Premium Full Spectrum

30% CBD Oil

30% Concentration

Highly potent CBD oil for maximum benefits and noticeable results.

Full Spectrum

Experience the entourage effect with a comprehensive range of beneficial cannabinoids and terpenes

MCT Carrier

Derived from coconut fat, delivering a smooth texture and a better taste compared to other CBD oils

3rd Party Lab Tests

Rigorously tested by independent laboratories to ensure quality, purity, and consistency

Completely Legal

Enjoy the therapeutic benefits of CBD with peace of mind, as our products are compliant with all regulations.

Premium Quality

Our CBD oil is carefully crafted using premium ingredients to ensure the highest quality and efficacy for your wellness needs.

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